Cricket & the Ball Tampering Episode in South Africa.

This has been an absolute beat-up but the Oh so perfect media.

Lets try to put some perspective into this.

Ball tampering is seen as cheating.  Which it is but some level of ball tampering is permitted while still not strictly legal under the rules of cricket.

Polishing only one side of a ball is tampering under the definition of altering a balls condition to affect it's aerodynamic charcteristics.  Returning the ball to the keeper on the bounce to rough up the surface is also ball tampering.

These are condoned and accepted practices despite falling outside the strict letter of the law.

Under the rules of cricket the penalty for ball tampering is the replacement of the ball and 5 runs added to the batting teams total.  If the bowler is repeatedly tampering with the ball he may be suspended from bowling for the remainder if the innings and further sanctions may be laid at the end of the match.

That's it, no 12 month suspension, no sackings, no public disgracing by the totally squeeky clean never done anything wrong even on our tax returns, travel claims or shopping online while at work media.

In the past the English team, who later actually admitted to ball tampering during an Ashes series against Australia, got Knighted for the results of their cheating.

South African fans have clearly forgotten the numerous incidents of ball tampering by their own team even as recently as 2014.

India and Pakistan have their own incidents to reflect on.  Not all teams have been caught, that doesn't mean they haven't broken rules, just that they haven't been caught doing so.

See this link at the bottom of the page for the references.

While it is disappointing to see our players behaving badly on and off the field they are still young men who want to perform well for their country in their chosen sport.

Sometimes emotions get in the way of good decision making and I can attest to not always playing sport in the correct spirit of the game on occasion.

In case you have forgotten, this is entertainment not life and death.  It really doesn't matter.

The confected outrage from media and fans alike should be treated for what it is BS.

I don't know of anyone in any position Government, Private Industry, Public Office, Services of any sort, including the Churches and any religion who hasn't done something in their life which is not in the bounds of the strict sense of the laws and rules by which we all live.

Perhaps the Dali Lama but we should probably ask him as he may dissuade us of that thought.

It may be small or it may be large but we have all overstepped the rules at some stage.

So, since this is Easter let me just say that he who is without sin should cast the first stone.