14 Days after surgery

 Today, Sunday, Michelle changed the dressings as requested by Flinders Medical Centre.  She was pretty nervous about doing it despite her training as she is a bit out of practise but she did a great job as you will be able to see in the photos.

I think everything is looking good.  Next change of dressing is Wednesday and next hospital visit is Thursday.

OK, photos.  That's what you are all looking for.

Back of hand. Michelle's good handiwork.

Palm side.

OK, here come the unwrapped fingers.

Ring finger, palm side.

Ring finger, back of hand.

End of ring finger.

Middle finger. palm side tip.

Middle finger, top side.

Middle finger, palm side.

Middle finger, tip.

As you can see these fingers are managing to recover quite well.  Still look a bit juicy in parts but doing OK.

I have been doing the exercises as required and the joints are really sore at the moment as the tendons get stretched into working properly again.

I can nearly make a fist again without additional pressure but not quite.  That's made a lot of progress.

Next update in three days.