17 days after surgery.

 Michelle visited to day again to replace the dressings prior to them being taken off again tomorrow.

Still a fair bit of raw looking areas and some bits which may be getting a bit of infection activity, find out for sure tomorrow.

I'm getting a lot more movement back into these digits through the exercises and pushing them through more movement than they can manage on their ow.

Starting off again with the freshly bandaged fingers.

Back of hand.

Palm side, a bit of additional plaster to hold
down the bandage over the bottom skin graft.

The skin on the graft at the base of my ring finger is beginning to lift off so Michelle decided that it needed a bit more protection.

End of middle finger, back of hand.

Middle finger, palm side.

Inside of middle finger.

Tip of middle finger.

Top of ring finger, back of hand.

Ring finger, thumb side.

Ring finger, palm side.

Ring finger, side view.

I know these are not particularly interesting now but I did want to document the process of recovery from this dumb mistake.

It helps me and I'm hoping it helps someone else to not make this mistake or a different one which could be far more traumatising and take a lot longer to recover from.