18 Days after surgery.

Today, Thursday, I was back at FMC so a Doctor could check the healing process.

It seems that everything is tracking as expected, which is good news.

I have been given permission to resume working on light duties but that will continue for another three weeks.

Still not allowed to drive, I was given a good test so I could self assess when I could drive again.

When I can lift and control a jug of boiling water without being concerned that I would be likely to spill it then I can drive again.  I like that parameter, easy to determine and would be totally confident that I can handle an emergency situation in the car.  Not that I'll need that.

Today the dressing nurse peeled off dead skin which exposed some rather raw looking stuff underneath.  The photos below will highlight that.  Enjoy, if that's the right word.

Palm side new bandages.

Back of hand, new bandages.

Graft donor site.

Back of hand, looking better.

Middle finger, palm side with graft skin removed.

Ring finger, graft site with some skin removed.

There were two stitches in here that had been missed last week.  They came out without a lot of discomfort.

Ring finger. thumb side. That's healing well.

Ring finger other side, also healing well.

The tips, looking a bit meaty but still a good colour.

If you got this far down then you'll probably recognise that the pink and red bits are where there is blood flow and therefore will heal up OK.  It's just taking a while which is normal.