22 Days after surgery.

This was a fun visit.  The nurses have started the process of exposing the new flesh/skin by pealing off the scabs and dead skin.

The medical term for this is debriding and is necessary for good healing.

The downside of this is that it isn't comfortable and I have found that my fingers have a little grumble for sometime after the exercise.

Anyway, things are progressing well as the photos below will show.

By the way, red is a good colour it shows there is blood flow and that's a good sign.

The other thing which is happening is that I am getting jolts in my fingers.  They feel a bit like the kick you get from a static discharge when your car bites you.  A seriously good whack from time to time that the pain killers have no effect on.

What are they?  The nerves growing back and beginning to function which is also a good thing.  Hurts though.

On with the photos.

Minimal bandaging to let the wound dry out.

Graft donor site, healing well.

Ring finger. The scarring might take a while to go.

The other side of the ring finger.

Back of hand.

Palm side with nice red stuff.

OK, that's it for the Monday work.