4 Days after surgery.

OK, this is a bit gross.  Do not look further if you have a weak stomach.

This is what I got to see when they removed the bandages today, Thursday.

The surgery was done on Sunday morning.  I left the hospital on Sunday afternoon and looked like this

No I wasn't very happy and I sent this to the Boss so smiling wasn't appropriate.

This is what my left hand looks like now.

Skin graft zone.

Back of hand.

Palm side.

Now it gets a bit ugly but this should be below the fold so you have to make a deliberate effort to see this.

The next lot of photos are what is under those bandages.

Remember, you can't un-see something so this is now your choice.

Skin graft donor location on the side of my hand. Thats about 6 cm long.

Top view. Notice the lack of fingernails.
Ring finger has had the skin cut and pulled up to cover the tip.
Mangled end bits

The white skin is called mascerated which just means that it has absorbed a lot of moisture.  You can see a small patch on my pointer finger.  It was also on my middle finger between the two and some on my little finger.  Thats all gone now where I can see it but I don't know about under the bandages.