8 Days after surgery.

 G'Day folks,

I had the dressings changed yesterday, Monday 20th March, so there are some progress images for your viewing pleasure.

I had a different nurse this time but the one who did the first unveiling after the surgery was there and she came over to check the progress as well.

The opinion is that things are progressing well and the stitches will come out on Thursday.

Because the wounds were a bit wet still there was a little bleeding on my middle finger and there was still some maceration on both fingers so I have a different type of dressing to allow the wounds to dry out more.

OK, on with the pictures.

These are the finished product.

These bandage strips are across hair so that's
going to hurt a bit when it comes off.

The underside.

The graft donor site hasn't been an issue.
A bit itchy yesterday.

The wounds are better defined here.
You can see the skin graft on the middle
finger and at the base of the ring finger.

The little bit of bleeding is a good sign,
shows there is some circulation.

Now you can see the stitching up the side of the ring finger.

And the other side.

The reason you can see some bandaging in the background is that the nurse had to respond to an emergency during my treatment which gave me a bit more time for photos.

It's pretty clear to me that the plastic surgery team did a pretty good job of putting it all back together so I have to support their efforts and keep doing my finger exercises to maximise my chances of getting full movement back.

More photos after the stitches come out on Thursday.