Day 25 after surgery.

This is the day the Doctor had a look at the progress.

The nurses had another peel before the Doctor came in and spent about 30 seconds looking at my fingers and 2 minutes writing out the next fortnights sick leave certificate.

However, there is more good progress and the result of that is that I now only need to visit FMC once a week and no dressing changes between visits.

So now I'm down to Thursdays only and the Doctor is not going to check every week.

I'm sure that over the last 20 odd days of photographs you have also seen significant progress in the healing as I have.

The more interesting thing is that I now have developed some rapport with the staff at FMC and they are taking an interest in the progress as well.  I suspect that most of this is professional but they are nice people and doing an excellent job.

Here comes the next lot.

Donor site

Palm side

Ring finger

Ring finger

Tips, palm side

Tips, back of hand.

You can probably see that there is progress here.

See next weeks photos.