Day 32 after surgery

Today was just a dressing change after a whole week.  I did have to make some slight changes to the bandages as they were trying to come unravelled but I had the required materials and was able to make the changes on my own.

Just nurses today, a little debriding but not a lot is moving right now so not much came off.

I have had a lot more nerve reconnecting going on in that last few days so that has been ummm, fun.  Had some strange looks from various people when the seem randomly say bad words fo no apparent, to them, reason.

Not a lot of photos because there isn't much change from the last lot.

Should be a lot more next week when the Doctor has another look at them.

I still can't pick up the kettle so I still can't drive but it's getting closer every day.

Just a few phots for you today.

By now you probably recognise which fingers are which and which side of my hand you are looking at.

They don't look too much changed from last Thursday which is why I didn't bother to take a lot of photos today.  Next week though I will take a bunch more and I'm hoping for more progress.