Day 39 After Surgery – the big reveal.

 Another interesting morning at FMC.

After the bandage removal, the wash down and the general picking at the scabs and dead bits of skin, sounds like fun doesn't it, the doctor came to have a look.

He said that he remembered my name and asked if we had met.  I said I didn't remember him.

Later he was reading the file notes and laughed, he said that he was the doctor assisting Dr. Turner during my operation.  That explained why I didn't remember him, I was unconscious at the time.  We both had a chuckle at that.

Anyway he fetched Dr. Turner and she also had a good look at the state of my fingers.  She also bent them around, a lot, and put some serious pressure on them but it was about the same as I have been doing so it wasn't too bad.

The big news though is that I no longer have to have bandages on my fingers except when I'm in public and that is just because they look pretty manky.  It's more to help keep them clean and prevent the more sensitive public from throwing up.

I also have to put Vaseline on them to assist with the removal of the scabby and dead bits.  I'm using Pawpaw ointment instead as i think that it's much better for assisting skin to heal and softening scabs.  In any case, I'd much rather not be putting a petroleum product on wounds.

However, I am allowed to get my left hand wet now so it'll get the first proper wash in 40 days, that should get rid of a lot of accumulated dead skin.  I don't think I'll be scrubbing them any time soon though.

Some more photographs.  Everything is progressing well.  There is an almost continuous tingling in the tips and pads at the moment and they are very sensitive to pressure and touch but are not painful as such, the pain killers are obviously working well.

You can clearly see this has healed well.
You can see that the creases where finger bends don't line up with the joints.
This is one of the things which makes making a fist difficult.

All the black stuff will lift off as it is either scabbing or dead skin from the grafts.

If you look close you can see that there is at least one nail growing.

The tips still look pretty ugly.

I'm finding that I'm attempting to use my left hand more and more, this means that I'm banging it on things more often but overall I think this is good.  if I'm going to get back to full function then I need to be making all the tendons work.