Day 46 after surgery.

This Thursday I took a couple of photographs despite not needing to go into Flinders.  This was for consistency of time frame.

I only took a few photos but I have been keeping the fingers open except when in public.

Overall the progress is still good and I keep working them hard with the finger exercises.  I will scan the finger exercise chart and post it here as well so you can all play along.

Anyway, on with the photographs, mostly I try to keep enough text here, above the fold, so you have to scroll down to see the images but I don't have enough filler to make this work today so best of luck.

The scarring is settling down. Looking pretty good right now.

The skin graft is pretty mascerated right now.
That's what is supposed to happen.

I keep losing bits of skin off the edges each time
I remove the bandages.

The backs are lookinf pretty good as well.

Overall looking good and improving.  I seem to be having them covered up a bit too much but if there not covered I keep leaving greasy finger marks everywhere.