Day 53 after surgery.

Back at the Flinders Medical Centre for a medical check.

Unfortunately, for you, I didn't get a chance to take photos at the time of visit so this lot of photographs are actually three days after the visit.

The reason for that is that when Dr Turner came to have a look the nurse had only just completed debriding what he could and some bleeding had already occurred.

Dr. Turner sat down alongside me, grabbed a scalpel and a pair of tweezers and proceeded to remove the hard, crusted bit of dead skin on the pad of my finger.

Yep, she just sliced it off.  This did cause a bit more bleeding which required a dressing to stop.

The medical plan is to dry this bit out again and then to soften it up again.  That's why the photos were taken three days later.

That's when I took the bandages off to see how things were tracking.  The tip is still a bit wet so i'm giving it another couple of days.

The other finger is doing very well.

I can make a fist and have driven the car for the first time on Sunday.

I'm planning to start driving the car full time on Tuesday next week.

OK, on with the photos.

The ring finger scarring is fading, both sides.

You can see that this new cleared patch is quite
small and nearly dry.

The tips still look a bit funny but not for long I think.

I mowed the lawns today with no issues with using the mower or from Margie about looking after my fingers.

Anyway, I'll take some more photographs in a couple of days when I remove the bandages agin.

I don't have to see the doctors again until Thursday week.  With a little luck I'll get a free pass and not have to go back again.